Software Development Methodology

  • System study/requirement study Document: At this stage complete document will be done along with adequate diagrams for next stage to design the system (Database, Middle ware and business logics as per system study.
  • System Design: Based on previous stage documents system designer/system architect will design the database, middle ware, process & workflow based business logic document, and software testing and deployment architecture along with diagrams.
  • Software Development: Software development team will use system design document for software development. The software development team will provide adequate document to testing team to test the software.
  • Testing: Test team will study all the documents (Functional and Technical) and make the test cases for testing. Test result will be published with proper comments and bugs/errors for rectification at any stage shown above for bug free deployment.
  • Deployment/Implementation: The bug free software will be deployed in cloud as per system architect.
  • Support & Maintenance ......